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Reward point plan

Get The Vehicle Of Your Dreams...
 Without Having to Pay For It!

For all Manamas members:

If you’d like to get the car of your dreams for FREE, then keep reading. Here you will see how easy it is to get your car fully paid by ManamasTo help you build your the life you dreamed of, Manamas program has been expanded to include FREE car giveaways and so much more like motorbikes or motorboats or anything you want.   No matter what the vehicle you desire may be... you can now have it with our plan.

Here's How:

If you’re a member, you simply need to promote our products, services, and membership. Every time you make a sale you earn a commission and you are also contributing towards earning Reward Points. 

These points can be traded in for cash to be used towards the purchase of cars or other products you may desire, like motorbikes or motorboats or a small airplane if you like. In other words, Manamas will pay for you and you enjoy it.   It really is that easy!

All you need to do to is build your organization and get them making sales to increase your Reward Point volume. It’s not hard, you’re just repeating what you’ve already done once and get your people to do exactly as you do. Now you may be wondering why Manamas is willing to do this for you, so let me explain...

"We want Manamas to be the #1 Program in the industry"

We want Manamas members like you to earn more money for your work than any other program. And, we also like to provide rewards for our best members… allowing them to enjoy their vehicle while Manamas pays for it!

Just think of having your brand new Mercedes into your driveway.... It’s easier than you think!

Once you have made enough points to qualify for your vehicle, you then send us an email and Manamas will verify and make  arrangements to get you the car of your choice. You just go down to your local dealership for whatever vehicle you desire, and choose the model you want. You can choose whatever new vehicle you want, in whatever color you want.

Now as you know, not all cars and vehicles are created equal… some are $30,000 models and some others are $300,000 models. You can be driving something sporty, like the Porsche, or you can go for something like a Mercedes Benz, or you might go for something with a little more room like the Escalade.... your choice.

Here’s How the Point Structure Breaks Down:

For every person you sponsor into Manamas, you will receive 1000 Reward Points

For every person in your 7 wide x 15 deep organization you will get 25 Reward Points

 For every upgrade in your 7 wide x 15 deep organization you will get 25 Reward Points



There are more than a Billion potential points available in the 7x15 matrix with a potential value of more than $200 million, that can get you anything you like!


You must sponsor 7 and have your levels 1, 2 and 3 full to qualify for Bonus A

 25000 points have a value of  0.0062 each ... for a total cash purchase $155

 50000 points have a value of  0.0093 each ... for a total cash purchase $465

 100000 points have a value of  0.0124 each ... for a total cash purchase $1,240


This computer can be yours FREE..!!!!


You must sponsor 14 and have your levels 1, 2 and 3 full to qualify for Bonus B

 250000 points have a value of  0.0155 each ... for a total cash purchase $3,875

 500000 points have a value of  0.0186 each ... for a total cash purchase $9,300

 1000000 points have a value of  0.0217 each ... for a total cash purchase $21,700

Image result for harley

This motorbike can be yours FREE..!!!!


You must sponsor 21 and have your levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 full to qualify for Bonus C

5000000 points have a value of  0.0249 each ... for a total cash purchase $124,500

10000000 points have a value of  0.0281 each ... for a total cash purchase $281,000

Image result for saling boats

This sailboat can be yours FREE..!!!!


You must sponsor 63 and have your levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 full to qualify for Bonus D

  50000000 points have a value of  0.0323 each ... for a total cash purchase $1,615,000

House 14 Royalty Free Stock Photo

This house can be yours FREE..!!!!


The point value increases as the point amount increases in your account.

The more points you have in your account ... the more they are worth.

You can only cash these point for products we promote...




This can be yours FREE..!!!!

 “How many points do I need to get my Manamas Vehicle?”

Once you’ve got   1000000 points... you can have       $21,700 for a car or motorboat or motorbike!

Once you’ve got   5000000 points... you can have     $124,500 for a car or motorboat or motorbike!

Once you’ve got 10000000 points... you can have     $281,000 for a car or motorboat or motorbike!

  Once you’ve got 50000000 points... you can have  $1,615,000 for a motorboat or airplane or house!

Your NEW HOME is waiting for you... accumulate the points and we will give it to you FREE!


Increase Your Points:

                  Sponsor   7      VIP (DD) members in your first 6 levels and get a bonus of      21000 points. 

                  Sponsor   21    VIP (DD) members in your first 7 levels and get a bonus of    121000 points.

                  Sponsor   63    VIP (DD) members in your first 8 levels and get a bonus of     721000 points.

      To qualify for this bonus, your levels 1 to 4 must be completed/full. This bonus is paid only

       once and the reward is higher when you sponsor 63 people that will upgrade to the DD stage.


This can be yours FREE..!!!!

YES, once you are enrolled in the Manamas program you will start to accumulate Reward Points. We payout up to 8.7% from all revenues to the point rewards plan.... plus... we pay additional sponsor bonusess. If you have a great organization, you can have a new car within 6 months.

There is no time limit ... you can get your car in 5 or 6 months or 10... it makes no difference. Once you have the points you need, just cash them in for your car.

If you work hard and make enough commissions, Manamas will recognize your efforts and reward you for it.  It's time to stop dreaming about the things you want and make plans to get them.  Become a Manamas member today, make sales, earn points, and let Manamas pay for it.  We want to see succeed.    You know you deserve it.

Sports car

Boat 2

                                            Get anything you like FREE..!!!!

Calling all the people worldwide to join in a united effort to eliminate all the lies and promises and build a business that would make money and will be here for the years to come... FOREVER.

A business that would include everyone in the world eliminating hunger and providing people the means to earn a living working from the comfort of their own home or anywhere they choose.

A business that has no limits or restrictions or time schedules... or even empty your pockets to pay for promises that never come true, making others rich.





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