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Our Discount Cards



$50 for VIP members - $60 for DIAMOND members  - $80 for TITANIUM members

$100 for PLATINUM members - $120 for our GOLD or SILVER or BASIC members


 The SuperSaver Card
How Do You Make Money With The SuperSaver Card? 

There are a few ways to make money with our discount card:

1). Register as a paid member under the person that introduced you to Manamas.com business.

2). Order 5 cards (value $100) for $45 US which includes shipping & handling from us or one of our Distributors. That is the only out of pocket expense to get your worldwide business started (Some conditions may apply).   

3). Start introducing TheSuperSaver card and discount program to the businesses in your area and get them to participate by providing our card holding members with a discount on their purchases.

4). Sell your 5 cards for $20 each... ($100 gross) and earn $55 profit or $11 from each card sold.

5). Introduce distributors to Manamas.com business and earn 1 card for each new paid member you register.

6). Earn 1 card ($20) for each new business you register.  Register 100 businesses and start receiving 2 cards for each new business you register with TheSuperSaver**.

7). As a Manamas.com member you can purchase:


#SS Cards

Price / Card

Total cost

Gross income


25 +

  (Reg $8)  $5.16




  50 + 

(Reg $7)  $4.10 




100 +

  (Reg $6)  $3.29  




500 +

(Reg $5)  $2.64 




1000 +

(Reg $4)  $2.11 




5000 +

(Reg $3)  $1.69 




10000 +

(Reg $2)  $1.35 




Build your business and share the profits and savings with 1000s of people.... 
Assist with fundraising for organizations, schools,  projects, charities....  
8).  As a Manamas.com member you can purchase 1000 cards for $2,110 and pay people $10 for each card they sell and make $7.89 profit. The more cards you purchase the higher your profit margin will be. Build your own network of people that will sell your cards and register businesses for you.

9). Give people a $20 card for every 5 business they register, that would give a discount of 5% or more to our card holding members when they shop in their business and earn 5 cards ($100 value).


MAKE MONEY (working for one of our distributors)  

You don't have to spend a penny to have your own very profitable business. Join one of our distributors who will give you all you need and earn cards registering businesses that give a discount to the "SS" discount card holding members

Every 5 businesses you register gives you 1 SuperSaver card that you can sell for $20. That is $4 value for every business register, up to 100 businesses.  

After your first 100 businesses, you will receive 2 SuperSaver cards for every 5 NEW businesses you register, with the value of $40 or $8 for each business..!!!
If you register 10 businesses per day... you would be earning 4 cards per day with a value of $80. You just register businesses that would give us a discount.
You will be helping businesses get new customers, help people save money and you will be making money by selling each card you earn for $20..!!    
You can also sell cards for your distributor and split the profit... year after year.!!  
    “Some conditions may apply”** 
**(Only paid members can receive cards from Manamas.com by sending us a minimum of 10 business registration forms to a maximum of 100 each time along with a processing fee of $1.35 US per card paid in advance through the back office or send the fee along with the forms to Manamas.com offices. 
This charge includes: a company profit of approximately 10-20%, cost of the cards, handling and shipping)** 

Phone: 424.244.6404 - 905.581.9858 - support@manamas.com http://manamas.com  




Calling all the people worldwide to join in a united effort to eliminate all the lies and promises and build a business that would make money and will be here for the years to come... FOREVER.

A business that would include everyone in the world eliminating hunger and providing people the means to earn a living working from the comfort of their own home or anywhere they choose.

A business that has no limits or restrictions or time schedules... or even empty your pockets to pay for promises that never come true, making others rich.





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