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Network Marketing Tactics - All Members

Great choice if are looking to build your business and want to take your business to the next level.

The key is work — no matter what you do in network marketing, it will work to some degree; some things work better than others.

This e-book, will provide you with a key to what areas to focus on:

◉ Scripts: These are very important to learn, and you need to use the right language when talking to prospects.

◉ A simple follow-up letter that works very well.

◉ Voicemail drop messages.

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Gold Travel Discount Membership - Save up to 80% for life..!!! - All Members
Calling Script and Follow up - All Members

Here you have the Calling Script and Follow up to use as a guide when you are cold calling. Here are some proven secrets that work no matter what you do in the industry of marketing. This e-book will provide you a key to the areas you have to focus on. 

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3 day 2 night hotel getaway - Gold Members

This offer is valid for a 3 day 2 night hotel getaway (double occupancy required) of standard hotel accommodations, at your choice of one destination... Acapulco, MX ‐ Alexandria, VA ‐ Atlantic City, NJ ‐ Boston, MA ‐ Boyne Mountain, MI ‐ Branson, MO ‐ Cancun, MX ‐ Cocoa Beach, FL ‐ Daytona Beach, FL ‐ Destin, FL ‐ Durango, CO ‐ Ft. Lauderdale, FL ‐ Gatlinburg, TN ‐ Honolulu, HI ‐ Kauai, HI ‐ Lake Havasu City, AZ ‐ Lake Tahoe, CA ‐ Las Vegas, NV ‐ Laughlin, NV ‐ Myrtle Beach, SC ‐ Nashville, TN ‐ New Orleans, LA ‐ Orlando, FL ‐ Pagosa, CO ‐ Palm Springs, CA ‐ Poconos, PA ‐ Pigeon Forge, TN ‐ Puerto Vallarta, MX ‐ San Antonio, TX ‐ San Diego, CA ‐ San Francisco, CA ‐ Sedona, AZ ‐ Sonoma Wine Country, CA ‐ St. Petersburg, FL ‐ Williamsburg, VA ‐ Wisconsin Dells, WI  

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Enjoy 7 Night Resort Accommodation At One Of Thousands Of Resorts Worldwide! This travel offer entitles recipient to a 7 night resort stay, double occupancy in a one bedroom studio unit. 

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5 Day Hawaii Getaway -  5 days and 4 nights at the location of your choice in Hawaii. Hawaii Locations include: Honolulu, Maui, Kona and Hilo. Double occupancy required

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Pure Natural Healing

How a Master of an ancient healing art saved a man's life in minutes by literally "massaging" away his deadly

heart attack (this "miracle touch" is something we are born with... you just need to know to activate it).

A staggering 85% of research participants reported a remarkable decrease in cancer symptoms in studies

involving hundreds of thousands of cancer patients...


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Calling all the people worldwide to join in a united effort to eliminate all the lies and promises and build a business that would make money and will be here for the years to come... FOREVER.

A business that would include everyone in the world eliminating hunger and providing people the means to earn a living working from the comfort of their own home or anywhere they choose.

A business that has no limits or restrictions or time schedules... or even empty your pockets to pay for promises that never come true, making others rich.





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Manamas.com and the people behind the program are dedicated to the success of all that participate. Here at Manamas.com you can build your very own membership that will follow you and make you money in multiple ventures and membersh... 


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