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"Amazing Wealth building System"


 We created an amazing simple step-by-step Wealth Building System that you can use to
 start making money, Immediately, right from the comfort of your own home. Just join our
 program, introduce new people and help them follow your example by introducing others. 


It's simple: Join our network for FREE or choose one of the 7 memberships packages!
Then, download the certificates we provide, sell them, give them away or use them as 
promotion in your advertising campaigns. 
As a member you get your own advertising business. You can get businesses in your
area to advertise on the internet "you post the ads and keep all the money".
You can join any stage in our program, but regardless the stage you join, when you have
enough money in your account you must upgrade to a higher stage and earn money from
the next level. 
First, you join as a Free member. You sell the products that you have access to including 
the 7 membership packages and earn 20% from every sale you make. Generate the 
money needed to upgrade to the Basic Stage and earn higher commission. 
Upgrading to the higher stage is a must for all the members to receive the highest payout. 
Earn money by making sales and use it to upgrade and earn 25% as a Basic member, 27% 
as a Silver member, 29% as a Gold member, 32% as a Platinum member, 35% as a Titanium
member, 39% as a Diamond member and 45% as a DD member. You should upgrade to the 
DD member as soon as possible and earn up to $400 from each new distributor you as they
upgrade through the program and earn bonuses from all the sales in your 9 level downline. 

 Register and get all the details in your back office.

Click the Register link at the top of the page
and get your FREE membership and to
unlock your income potential !!!


Calling all the people worldwide to join in a united effort to eliminate all the lies and promises and build a business that would make money and will be here for the years to come... FOREVER.

A business that would include everyone in the world eliminating hunger and providing people the means to earn a living working from the comfort of their own home or anywhere they choose.

A business that has no limits or restrictions or time schedules... or even empty your pockets to pay for promises that never come true, making others rich.





Sponsor Information

Name: Ana Lyn

Membership type: Double Diamond

Location: - Philippines

Phone : 639564477196

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08/03/2013 13:45
Best solution for your business!
MANAMAS Plan is the best solution for entrepreneurs that need to build a group of like minded people. We offer a way to build your organization worldwide with minimum effort and expense. You don't need big capital to build your... 
04/02/2013 14:46
Manamas - one of a kind unigue membership plan and the people behind the program are dedicated to the success of all that participate. Here at you can build your very own membership that will follow you and make you money in multiple ventures and membersh... 


Ana Lyn :
My experience with Manamas
" i join Manamas sometime ago and i did not work it..I just logging to my back office and saw that I have 20 people under me and more than $500 in my account..I realized that i have already sponsored 3 people that I spoke briefly about Manamas a few... "
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